Stylish Vehicle Livery

Blocked drains – can there be a worse smell?? Well perhaps the answer is ‘yes’, but nevertheless it’s a stinky problem that many a householder may come up against from time to time and, after much layman type prodding, poking and sucking at the problem in every effort to clear the block themselves, they will eventually have to relent and call in for the skilled help of a professional plumber!

Sounds simple in theory but let’s face it, booking the talents of a good plumber is like finding gold-dust in the Sahara desert. Checking through the phone directory may be the first course of action for the now nose-pegged customer, but this can often add to the confusion as a plethora of plumber adverts glare out from the numerous pages, all stating similar promises, standards of work, reasonable prices ... how to choose?

The best answer is to get someone in who lives in the local area – often these people will have built a reputation amongst the community and may even be recommended by previous customers. Not that you need to make enquiries of his name and contact details from neighbours and friends, because he’ll be easy to find. He’ll be easy to find because he’s got an amazing van, bedecked with the most eye-catching, jaw-dropping, ‘look at me now’ stylish vehicle livery that tells you everything you need to know. This plumber means serious business and is readily cutting through the competition with his dynamic ‘on-road’ message.